Crossley Street Primary School

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Reception: Learning About Iran


In Reception, Dayan has been showing his friends where to find Iran using a globe, and has also been teaching the other children about how Spring is celebrated in Iran. Every year at the start of Spring, Iranian people celebrate Nowroz, which means New Day.

The pictures Dayan shared with his class show a table of 7 items that begin with "S" in the Persian alphabet. Somack, Coin, Samanoo, Apple, Vinegar, Garlic and Senjed. There is also a green plant on this table too. In Iran, they have 13 days of holiday at this time, to go and visit their relatives and give money and gifts to children. Spring starts around March 20th or 21st.

Year 4: The Five Pillars of Islam


In Year 4, the children have been learning about The Five Pillars of Islam, and what each one means to Muslim people.

The Five Pillars are important Muslim practices. They're five obligations that every Muslim must follow and meet in order to live a good and responsible life according to their religionIslam. The video below shows some Year 4 children sharing what they have learnt and presenting to their classmates.

The Five Pillars Of Islam are:

  1. Shahada/Shahadah
  2. Salah
  3. Sawm
  4. Zakat
  5. Hajj

Year 3: The Seder Plate


In Year 3, the children have been learning about the Seder Plate, which Jewish people use during Passover. We completed 5 activities, which linked to the different items on the plate:

1) We drew something that makes us feel sad, which links to the Karpas dipped in salt water, and represents the tears of the slaves

2) We examined a picture of a Pharoah beating slaves, which links to the bitter hearbs and Maror, representing the suffering of the Israelites

3) We thought about what we could do to improve someone else's life, which links to the egg and roasted lamb bone and represants an offering to God

4) We looked at a picture of the Israelites working in Egypt, which links to the Charoset, representing the cement that the slaves used to build

5) We matched pictures of each of the items on the Seder Plate with a description of what they are and what they represent.

In RE, we visit different places of worship or invite visitors into school so as to give our children first hand experiences of different religions. We are really looking forward to celebrating Divali in Early Years and visiting the synagogue in Year 3.

Learning About Sikhism


Year 6 are really enjoying learning about Sikhism in their RE lessons. They sequenced the story of Guru Nanak, which they then summarised in their own words. Year 6 also looked at a prayer mat and found out how it was used.

Chinese Moon Festival


Year 2 learnt all about the Chinese Moon Festival, which was on Friday 29th September, thanks to Olivia and her family. They enjoyed some traditional moon cakes that were brought in for the children to try.