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History & Geography

Welcome to our History and Geography page!

We hope you enjoy keeping up to date with the fantastic work, visits and trips that take place within our History and Geography curriculum!

Holocaust Centre North - Year 6 trip

As part of Year 6's WW2 topic, the children visited Huddersfield University's Holocaust Learning Centre to find out more about the Kindertransport and the difficulties Jewish refugees faced during WW2, as well as the difficulties refugees face around the world today. 

After completing some research in the exhibition and then looking at refugees in the modern world, the children were then forutnate enough to meet 94 year old Trude, a Kindertransport child who came to England from Czeckoslovakia in 1939. The children loved hearing Trude's story, asked some brilliant questions and took a lot from their visit.  

Amazing home learning - Year 3!

Year 3 are studying the Stone Age to Iron Age period this half term, and Caleb was so inspired that he took it upon himself to make his own Stone Age artefacts, at home, from scratch!

We were so impressed that we had to share it!


Hieroglyph scavenger hunt - Year 4

Year 4 were on a scavenger hunt to find 14 Maya hieroglyphs hidden outside. Maya created glyphs using syllables or symbols. The same word could be written in many different ways, making it very hard to interpret the writing. It also gave them a great opportunity to make links, comparisons and contrasts with the hiergolyph system that they covered in their Year 3 Egyptian topic!


Diversity and making links within History and Geography

Diversity is a big driver across the curriculum, but is a particularly important part of History and Geography.

The map that we have on display in the reception area pinpoints all the different countries and cultures that we cover within our curriculum!


The map that we have on display within our hall celebrates the different geographical links that some of our families have around the world. It's also used within all of our Key Stage assemblies alongside our 'news' section to show children where in the world the current events are happening!


Knights Templar Documentary - Year 6

As part of our local history study, Year 6 have been researching the Knights Templar. They are responsible for gaining the King's permission to hold a weekly market back in the early 1200's - this market still takes place every Thursday!

Scan the code below which will allow you to view our documentaries and find out more about the mysterious group!


Outdoor Learning in Geography - Physical and Human Features of Wetherby

Sophie in Year 6 was looking at identifying physical and human geographical features. She went out around Wetherby, identifying the different features we have in our local area!

The Leeds City Museum - Year 3's Egyptian Visit!

As part of their Egyptian History topic, the Year 3 children went to visit the Leeds City Museum's Egyptian Exhibit which they absolutely loved. They were able to take part in 'mummifying' workshops, as well as investigate certain artefacts and even see an actual mummy!


Local History Walk - Year 6

To finish off their Local History Study, Year 6 were given a local history tour by the Wetherby Civic Society. We split into two groups and spent 2 hours being shown lots of different (and in some cases secret) Historical spots in our local area.

One of the highlights was the 'Templar' cross!