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MFL and Twinning

Crossley Street Primary School is twinned with St Louis School in Privas. Privas is a city in the Ardèche region of France.

We have continuing links with Privas and promote the teaching of French as an additional language as part of our Modern Foreign Language Curriculum.  French is taught across school from Nursery to Year 6.  We are using the 'Little Languages' scheme in Foundation Stage and KS1 and 'Kapow' in KS2.


Our Website for Privas!

Year 5 have created their own individual web pages, introducing themselves in French to our friends at St. Louis School in Privas. Their allocated 'penpal' will then be able to introduce themselves in return! We will keep you posted on the progress of this exchange!


We have recently become a 'Camembear Champion.' Leanne from Camembear (a language learning programme for Early Years) visited Reception, and sent us the following:


"Just wanted to say a huge thank you for your really warm welcome at school yesterday and for giving me the opportunity to introduce Camembear to your wonderful class! 


I was so impressed with their French and all you are doing in your school to introduce French in Early Years. They were so enthusiastic and all so keen to communicate with Camembear. I love seeing this and am hugely motivated myself when I see how much joy it brings to young learners.


It is wonderful to meet other teachers who are passionate about introducing languages to children from a young age and the benefits of starting young."

Here are the children enjoying meetiing Camembear for the first time, and greeting him in French, of course!

Christmas Presents from Privas

Our twinning friends from Privas sent us a bag of Christmas goodies, which we unwrapped in a special assembly all about how Christmas is celebrated in France!

We received some edible local delicacies, such as blueberry macarons, marshmallows and bouquet garni, and a fabulous souvenir apron from the region! The children were keen to help Mrs Laverty to unwrap our presents. We had sent some traditional English items to Privas, such as chocolate coins, a tin British telephone box and some yummy cakes.