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Welcome to the Year 5 Class Page

Mr Morrison, Mrs Davis and Mrs Todd welcome you all to Year 5! Have a look at our page to see what we've been getting up to in each term.

English - Reading (Autumn 1)

This is the book we are reading this half term. It's very funny and we're enjoying it immensely! It's all about a boy called Bradley Chalkers and his unusual habits at school.


Science: The Earth and Beyond

We have been looking at space and our solar system this term in Science. We went onto the playground to imitate the movement of the planets around the sun! The planets closest to the sun travel the fastest.

Orbit Re-enactment

History - TV Interviews

We've been looking at the Early Islamic Civilisation and the reasons why they could spread so quickly. We did our research and created some factual news reports on the matter. Scan the QR Code below to find out more!


Science - Our Solar System

One of our homeworks this term has been to create a model or poster of our Solar System. Here are some pictures of their hard work! You may be able to spot your own project!

PSHE - Resolving Conflicts

Recently, we looked at how we can resolve conflicts in and out of school. We came up with a class guide for anyone who needs help. There are lots of strategies that we came up with. Check it out!


English - Reading (Autumn 2)

This term we will be reading Shackleton's Journey! It's a beautiful book detailing Ernest Shackleton and his journey to the South Pole. We'll be using it to inform our Writing as well as several Art projects!


Art - Layered Pictures

We've been trying to create landscapes pictures with a foreground, middleground and background. We used different coloured card to explore how we could layer a variety of shapes and cutouts to build our pictures. These are some examples of our amazing creations.

Art - Shackleton's Journey

After looking at creating images with a background, middleground and foreground, we moved on to designing and painting a scene from our class book. These log cuts show the frosty Antarctic landscape that Shackleton and his crew bravely ventured through! They look incredible!


English - Reading (Spring 1)

This half term we are reading Beowulf by Michael Morpurgo. It's a fantastic fiction book involving lots of interesting characters and monstrous creatures!


Science - Separating Mixtures

Unfortunately, due to the combination of stormy weather and an open window, the store room cupboard collapsed and mixed together 2 different types of pasta, some rice, sugar and sand. Luckily, the Year 5s were on hand to help Mr Hirst separate the mixtures back into their original parts. We used lots of different techniques with some people even creating their own sieves! How did we do?

Trip to Boston Spa Academy

We had a fantastic trip to Boston Spa Academy (BSA) at the end of January. We got the chance to spend the day as a high school student and experience a wide variety of lessons. Science, Modern Foreign Languages, Drama and PE were taught across the day with very engaging activities!

English Reading - Spring 2

This half term we are reading The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes. It is a narrative poem about a dangerous outlaw and his quest for love!


English Reading - Summer 1

This half term we are reading War Horse by Michael Morpurgo. It is set in World War 1 and is written from the perspective of a horse! It's definitely going to be a good read!


Art/DT - Sewing

This half term we have started designing and creating cushions using felt, needles and thread. Here are some examples of our first attempts at doing a running stitch and a backstitch!