Crossley Street Primary School

Inspiring Today to Achieve Tomorrow


At Crossley Street we follow the White Rose Maths scheme, but Maths isn't just about learning methods and number facts! We want our children to love Maths and we try to teach in lots of different ways, ensuring that Maths has a purpose and is taught in fun and engaging ways.

Autumn Term Maths 

Year 4 used natural resources to represent 3 digit numbers.

Creating Roman numerals. The video really helped with retention - it is very catchy!!

Learning times tables is so important, we always try to find fun ways to practise.

Maths week - Day One - Meet the Professionals


Each teacher dressed as a different profession and asked the children to think of all of the different ways that that job would use Maths. They were amazed as to how many different ways Maths was involved! We had farmers, a plumber, a vet, a hairdresser, a police officer and a sportsman.

 Maths Week - Day Two -  Information session

There was a great turn out for our information session and open classroom drop-ins. If you were unable to attend, here is the presentation for you to read. Any questions, please just email the school office.

Maths Week - Day 3 - Linking our Maths lessons to PE


Year 4 had a fitness challenge to complete. How many burpees, or hula hoop spins or star jumps could be completed in a minute? Could they hold the sumo wrestler pose for a minute? There were 8 different challenges to complete in a circuit - I think they would all agree that it was an exhausting but fun way to do Maths!! 

Maths Week - Day 4 - World Maths Day

Another fun day, we all came to school wearing a number. Some outfits were very creative, using Maths equipment and pictures to represent numbers in different ways. We had a house competition, adding together all of our numbers. Amblard were the winners with a lot of thanks going to George in Year 5, he wore 'googolplex' which is the number 1 followed by 100 zero's!!!!!!


Maths Week - Day 5 - Fun Friday!


Today was the day to have even more fun with Maths, each class had different fun activities to complete - from class quizzes to solve the mystery problems, Brain Buster Games to playing card activities. Year 2 enjoyed playing number bonds snap, 'Ditch 'em' (a multiplication game) and addition quick draw.  


The feedback from both the children and parents was really positive. Our week has highlighted just how important Maths is and that it isn't just limited to our Maths books, we can use and enjoy Maths at every opportunity!