Crossley Street Primary School

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Read and Feed / Homework

Read and Feed

As a school, we promote the love of reading and discuss what opportunities reading gives us as children and as adults.

We also recognise that for our families, finding the time to read can sometimes be a challenge. At our Before School Club, we offer a Read and Feed session every morning to those that are in Before and After School Club more than 50% of their week. We also welcome children to read even if they only attend occasionally, and, more often than not, children love to share a story with the team on the sofa! 

We have a fantastic book area which not only provides a space to relax quietly, but a comfy area to get lost in a story. When choosing the texts for our reading area, we spoke to the children and went with their interests and likes, as well as choosing texts we felt were appropriate to support conversation about feelings and emotions, non-fiction books and texts that link to the content of our school curriculum.



We appreciate that after a long day at school, children may not feel as enthusiastic about completing homework tasks. We have Chromebooks for children to complete any online homework. We encourage children to be as independent as possible when completing their homework and we have found that if children have the option to complete any tasks, they will often take themselves to a quite area with a group of friends and they complete any tasks set for them. Our staff are always on standby if children are really struggling.

If you do have any further questions about our Read and Feed or Homework provision, please speak to a member of staff.