Crossley Street Primary School

'Inspiring today to achieve tomorrow.'

Head Teacher- Mr Gavin Hirst


Year 2 - Mrs Harvey and Mrs Stanton


D.T - Making Fruit Salads

We have been designing, making and evaluating healthy fruit salads. 

This is linked to our Science topic on 'Taking Care of Our Bodies'.

'Tiddler' written by Julia Donaldson

Our first text was 'Tiddler', which is about a fish who is always late for school!   We enjoyed reading this book when we began school ourselves; creating story maps and using puppets to re-tell the story.  We have also loved playing in our role play area, being teachers, receptionists, children and even parents!


We have been consolidating Phase 5 so have been re-capping sounds including ay, oe, ou, ow, oy, ph and ue.  We play lots of games and use lots of online resources to keep phonics fun and engaging.  

Exploring Number

We have been learning to order 2-digit numbers on a number line and to represent 2-digit numbers in lots of different ways.

The Great Fire of London

During Music, we have been learning songs about the Great Fire of London and this week, we moved to music whilst holding ribbons in fire colours.  It was so effective and we all loved making large graceful movements as we sang and danced.