Crossley Street Primary School

'Inspiring today to achieve tomorrow.'

Head Teacher- Mr Gavin Hirst


Nursery - Mrs Laverty, Mrs Taylor,

Miss Cohn and Mrs Bebb





Welcome to Nursery!

A very, very warm welcome to Nursery! I hope you enjoy reading our class page, where topic information will be updated ready for the start of each half-term and latest news will be updated weekly every this space. There will be lots of photographs uploaded after all the exciting activities and events we get up to!


The Nursery staff team consists of Mrs Laverty, Mrs Taylor, Miss Cohn and Mrs Bebb. Miss Cohn covers staff lunchtime every day (11.45 - 1pm, until 2pm on Thursday) and Mrs Bebb works with Mrs Taylor on Friday all day when Mrs Laverty is out of class. 


Here's to a super year of getting to know each other and learning together!



In Nursery, we learn the skills for being a superhero learner through listening to the stories of various superheroes - Superhero Courage, Superhero Generosity, Superhero Respect, Superhero Perseverance and Superhero Friendship. The children enjoyed painting and collaging superheroes, as well as learning about superheroes in our community such as the police, and role playing in our own police station. We read stories about superheroes, such as 'Supertato,' and enjoyed playing outside in our superhero den!


Phonics in the Environment

We developed our listening skills by talking about all the good things a listener does, such as using their big listening ears, making sure they are quiet and still and making sure they are looking carefully at the person who is talking. We then took our listening ears on a listening walk to develop our awareness of sounds in the environment! We listened in our outdoor area first, and then Reception joined us for a listening hunt around the whole school. We then gave each child a beater and encouraged them to make different sounds by tapping or stroking objects in the outdoor area. They had to watch carefully and make a loud sound when Mrs Laverty was stretching up high and quiet sounds when she was down low! 

Lunchtime in Nursery!

For the first time ever, Nursery are able to stay at Crossley Street for their lunch! We offer 30 hour places from 9-3pm, or 15 hour places which can incorporate 2 and a half days. Afternoon sessions can also include a lunch if you so wish. Our Nursery children who stay for lunch have settled brilliantly into the new routine. We eat our lunch in Nursery, so the hot food trolley is wheeled into our class. We get to choose between 2 options, and have a variety of puddings on offer, which always include yoghurt and/or fruit.