Crossley Street Primary School

'Inspiring today to achieve tomorrow.'

Head Teacher: Mr Gavin Hirst


Crossley Street, Wetherby, West Yorkshire, LS22 6RT

Year 6 - Mrs Daykin




Year 6 enjoying reading their new class book 'Holes'.

Reading Buddies

Year 6 love going down to reception to listen to their buddies read. Today was even better because we were all dressed in our pyjamas! 

Marvellous Maths

Year 6 have been exploring sequences, finding 'nth terms' using algebraic formulas and investigating relationships between numbers.

Hot Seating

Year 6 hot seated the characters from the poem 'The Highwayman' to find out more about their thoughts and actions.

Narrative Poetry

In English we have been doing lots of work on a narrative poem called 'The Highwayman' by Alfred Noyes. We have done some fantastic work on figurative language and explored the authors use of metaphors, similes and personifications to create imagery. We have created our own metaphors and displayed some in the corridor. Feel free to pop in and see our creative ideas. 


Year 6 have been developing their skills and knowledge in hockey this half term.

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Perfect Periscopes!

As part of our Light topic in Science, we were looking at how mirrors help us to see by reflecting light. After discussing how useful they can be in real life, for example, to the crew of a submarine, we constructed our own periscopes. Have a look at the pictures of us hard at work!

David Hockney: The Big Picture

Over the last three weeks, we have been looking at the work of David Hockney. We focused on his work on landscapes and looked at how he created big pieces of artwork from smaller canvases. As a class, we all recreated a section of David Hockney's 'Arrival into Spring' to put together to form the big picture. We used brightly coloured oil and soft pastels to create our own incredible version of this piece. If you would like to see our individual pieces up close, they are in our sketch books. 

Breakfast Club

During SATs week, Year 6 have been enjoying a breakfast club! We have tucked into fresh fruit, a range of cereals, toast with a variety of delicious toppings and fruit juices. All of the food and drink has kindly been provided free of charge by Sainsbury's and the breakfast club has been an incredibly relaxing and purposeful way to start each day in preparation for our exams. Well done to all of Year 6 for their fantastic attitude and hard work this week!!

Leeds Rhinos Street Dance

In Year 6, as part of our Dance topic in PE, we have been putting together a street dance routine, with the help of Alishia from Leeds Rhinos. This had involved a range of different techniques such as mirroring, cannon and unison. We had a brilliant time practising the moves and finally, we performed to our parents and the other children in school. Check out the video below to see our routine!

'Fantastic Facts' Poetry

To kick off our poetry topic, we looked at some short poems by John Irwin which gave 'facts' about countries around the world. All three lines had to rhyme and we had a go at making up our own 'facts' and presenting them on these incredible posters to display in the corridor. Feel free to pop in and see the end products!

Sikh Temple Visit

As part of our Religious Education, we took a trip to a Sikh temple in Beeston, where we learnt about the 5 Ks, how to meditate, how to play notes to pray to on the harmonium and we even found out how to put on a turban. It was a very interesting afternoon and we found out a huge amount, whilst also getting to take part in some practical activities, as you can see below! 

Mayan Artefacts

As part of our History topic, we had some incredible artefacts to look at and investigate. We tried to work out what they might have been used for by thinking about the materials they were made from, their size, colour and many other things.

Hot Seating

In our current Literacy topic, which is all about different genres of fiction, we have been looking at a science-fiction text about an alien invasion. Luke, Alice, Faith and Ryan took on the roles of a family ripped apart during the invasion and the rest of the class were roving reporters, determined to get to the bottom of exactly what happened during the attack. 

Enabling Enterprise

Year 6 took part in the Operation Moonbase project, along with the rest of school. We planned our journey to space, selected our crew, chose our buildings and even built a model of our base. It was a fantastic, creative day and we all shared our designs with each other and with the parents who popped in at the end of the day.