Crossley Street Primary School

'Inspiring today to achieve tomorrow.'

Head Teacher: Mr Gavin Hirst


Crossley Street, Wetherby, West Yorkshire, LS22 6RT

Year 5 - Mrs Coldwell



Serena Hall Style Paintings.

We have been painting seaside scenes in the style of Serena Hall. We looked carefully at how she produces her colours and brush strokes. We hope you like our pictures.

Pebble Painting.


On Thursday 5th October we went to Filey. It was part of our topic about comparing Filey with Wetherby. We had a fabulous time. The weather was perfect and we found out lots of things as you can from our photos.


We have been studying a novel called Cliffhanger.

Summer Term 2 Podcast (17/7/17).

Here is our last podcast of this academic year. We would like to say a big thank you to Alan at TempoFM  for all his help.

Miro Inspired Paintings.

Experiment To Make Dirty Water Clean.

We used our experience at Yorkshire Water to investigate how to make dirty water clean. We were pleased with our results but we still know that there maybe harmful microbes in it.

Yorkshire Water at Headingley.

As part of our science and geography work on the states of water and the water cycle, Year 5 visited Headingley water treatment plant. They were shown around by Carol and Peter.

Sports Day.

Hoola Hooping.

A Day in the Life of a High School Student.

We went to Wetherby High School for the day. Here are some pictures of our day.

Retail Revelations, Leeds. 

Some members of Year 5 went to Victoria Quarter in Leeds.They were shown around and met people who worked there. After that they used their Enabling Enterprise skills to create an amazing retail environment which would attract customers and top brands. They then had to present their work to a judging panel in a persuasive way. They were highly complimented on their skills.It was a super day. They were also in the Yorkshire Evening Post

Big Play.

On Tuesday 20th June, Year 5 went to the Big Play at Leeds Town Hall. Over 500 children took part. They had all been learning to play instruments this year. We have been learning how to play the ukulele with Mr James.

Countryside Day.

On Tuesday 13th June we went to Countryside Day at Yorkshire Showground in Harrogate. We had a super time looking at the animals, baking bread, making sausage rolls and many taking part in many more activities. It was superb!

Brilliant Books Project.

This project was part of our Enabling Enterprise work. The skills we have been working on are problem solving,  listening carefully and sharing ideas. Our challenge was to promote reading in school.Other skills we used were debating, teamwork, interviewing,communication and presentation. We developed a scheme to promote reading and redesigned a reading area. We then prepared an assembly to share our ideas with the rest of the school. 

Researching reading.

Recruiting readers by devising schemes for students.

Redesigning book areas.

Summer Term 1 Podcast.

Strictly Come Year 5 - The Performance.

Every Thursday since February half-term, Year 5 have been learning to ballroom and latin dance.We performed to our parents on Thursday 25th of May. The dancing code was smart and jazzy.Thanks to our dance instructor, Mrs Hinds, we had a brilliant time doing every single thing. We all had a laugh and even our teachers joined in and they had a blast. Max and Adam.

Cha cha.

Passo doble.



British Heart Foundation.

We had a visit from Sascha. He talked to us about healthy lifestyles and keeping a healthy heart.

Water Music.

We have been composing music with Miss Crowley using keyboards.

Easter cards from Privas.

We received some Easter cards from our twin school, Ecole Elementaire Rene Cassin, in Privas, France. They had lovely messages inside. Previously we sent them some cards.


We have been lucky to have a student from France called Isadora to help us with our french this year. We have learnt how to say lots of things.

Den building with Reception.


We worked in groups with Reception to design dens. First we drew plans. Then we used sticks and Blu-tack to construct our design model. We then evaluated it and modified our designs ready for full size construction on Thursday.


We had a great time building our dens in the Nature area. We were pleased with the results.


Despite the rain, we had a great time orienteering with Simon. We had to use our map reading skills we learnt earlier in the year, to negotiate the course against the clock. We used computer recording equipment to monitor our time and whether we read the map correctly. It was fun!

Strictly Come Year 5.

We are dancing lessons with Mrs Hind.So far we have learnt how to Cha Cha, Paso Doble Sway, Jive, Samba and Waltz. We are going to perform soon in front of our parents. Watch this space!

Ancient Greek Olympic Games.

We held our own Greek Olympic games.We were divided into city state teams and competed for the glory of our state. The events were standing long jump, sprint, mile race, javelin, shot and discus. In traditional style, the winners were awarded a laurel wreath. 

Red Nose Day.

Greek Plays and Banquet.

On Thursday 23rd of March, Year 5 had a Greek day. It was a culmination of their Ancient Greek project. They have been studying myths and skills for performing. The class wrote their own play scripts and made traditional costumes and props. They prepared a delicious banquet of Greek food and performed to an audience of their parents and school colleagues. A super day was had by all.

The Ancient Greeks.

We have been studying the Ancient Greeks and have made our classroom into a museum. We have studied all aspects of their life.

Greek Pottery.

We looked carefully at some Greek pottery then made our own using the thumb pinch pot method. We are pleased with the results. 

Our Greek Masks.

We have been making masks for our Greek plays. We think they look fantastic.

Spring Term Podcast.

This is our spring term podcast recorded in the studio belonging to Tempo FM with the help of Alan. It was made by Zoe, Madeleine, Jonah, Maxwell, Oscar and William W.


In RE with Mrs Bell we have been looking at acts of forgiveness and what it means.

Year 5 Fire Talk.

Red Watch from Wetherby Fire Station came on Monday 13th March to talk to us about fire safety. It included  how to make a 999 call', making a fire plan, the dangers of hoax calls and seat belt safety. Then, best of all, we had a look at the fire engine.

Computer Coding at Wetherby High School.

On Friday, we went to Wetherby High School to do some computer coding with Mr Mellor. We used a program called Python to write our own programs. It was fun.


We have been making Easter cards with our French student Isadora to send to our twin school in Privas, France.

Trading Triumphs(AON, Leeds).

On Wednesday 1st of March, Year 5 visited AON in Leeds as part of their Enabling Enterprises work. AON is a global professional services firm that advises clients on the topics of risk and human resources. The company is a provider of risk management, insurance and reinsurance brokerage, human resource solutions and outsourcing services. The children worked in teams to help a client to invest their money in a fast-paced trading challenge. Students did their best with the clients’ money, they listened to changes occurring on the “stock market” and reacted effectively. They also had to factor in the global element of trading on the stock market, and used a range of skills to gather important information and made key decisions at various points throughout the day.

The skills they worked on were:-

  • • Learn about the business, their employees and how they use the challenge skills in their jobs.
  • • Use problem solving skills to make decisions about how to invest their clients’ money.
  • • Share learnings at the end of the day, about the world of finance and the skills needed to succeed.

They had a fabulous time and learnt lots of things.

Pancake Day.


We have been practising our basketball skills with Chris our coach.

National Toast Day.

We celebrated National Toast Day. Mmmmmmmm!

Langdale Residential.

Just before February half term, we went on residential  to Langdale Youth Hostel for three days. Here are some of the things we got up to.....

Greek Visitor.

We had a visitor called John. He came to our classroom to talk about Ancient Greece. He brought many artefacts which we drew and then deduced what they were.During the afternoon session, we tried on lots of different types of armour. We had a great time and found out lots of things for our history topic.

Northern Gas.

Mick the residence artist from Northern Gas came in to work with us. We painted lots of pictures which have been made into a banner.This will be displayed on the roadworks at the end of Crossley Street. We also have one to display at school.

Our banner.

Marvellous Maps.

We have been looking at maps. We now know how to read 6 figure co-ordinates, use OS symbols and are looking to practising these when we go orienteering.

Summer Poems.

Ace Advocates(Eversheds Solicitors).

On Friday 2nd December, Year 5 visited Eversheds solicitors at Bridgewater Place in Leeds. It was part of their Enabling Enterprise work. The aims of the visit were as follows:

  • To learn about the business, their employees and how they use the challenge skills in their jobs
  • To share ideas effectively within teams to develop arguments and in front of an audience persuade them
  • Present arguments to persuade the judges that your case is the strongest

They had had a super time and learn lots of things. The judges were very impressed with arguments and the children's presentation skills.

 Kensuke's Kingdom.

Our class novel has been a Michael Morpurgo book called Kensuke's Kingdom. Here are some examples of the fabulous work that was carried out related to it. As you can see from our book reviews, we all enjoyed it.

Going Live!

As part of our work with Enabling Enterprises, we carried out a project called Going Live!.During it we developed and produced our own podcasts.First we chose topics relevant to our school and community then we worked in teams to produce scripts, record interviews and then put together our own podcasts.As well as editing them. We also had the opportunity to go to Tempo FM. Here we went live on air during one of the shows. We chose music, talked about ourselves and the community, performed a poem and had a great time. Alan at Tempo Fm helped us to record a podcast on professional recording equipment. We are now going to do this every month for the school website. Our next project is about working in the Law and we are visiting Eversheds at Bridgewater Towers in Leeds.So watch this space or even better still listen to our next podcast...

Live on air at Tempo FM.

Our Podcasts.

Flex Dance.

We have been learning how to do Zumba and Greek dancing with Grace from Flex Dance Group. We performed for our parents and the rest of our school colleagues. It was fun!


Year 5 are learning to play the ukulele with Mr James. Lessons take place every Monday. Here they are performing 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star'.

Filey Rap.

Serena Hall.

We have been painting seaside scenes in the style of Serena Hall. We looked carefully at how she produces her colours and brush strokes. We hope you like our pictures.

Pebble Painting.

When we went to Filey, we each collected a pebble. Then we painted them.Here are our results.We hope you like them.

Operation Moonbase Day.

On Thursday 6th October,Year 5 and the rest of Crossley Street School worked with a company called Enabling Enterprises to complete a challenge day called 'Operation Moonbase'. Over the course of the day, the students worked in teams to establish a new society on a distant moon through a series of challenges based on eight 'challenge skills'.The teams selected a crew to support them on their mission, designed a new species of animal to benefit society and created their dream city. The day culminated in a series of persuasive pitches at the Intergalactic Space Fair. We had a super time.

The 'challenge skills' are

  • Problem solving
  • Aiming high
  • Leading
  • Working in a team
  • Sharing ideas
  • Using imagination
  • Staying positive
  • Listening carefully

We will be working on these all year and will be completing lots of challenges. So watch our web page for the details.


On Thursday 29th of September we went to Filey. It was part of our topic about comparing Filey with Wetherby. We had a fabulous time. The weather was perfect and we found out lots of things as you can from our photos.


We have been studying a novel called Cliffhanger.