Year 4 - Mrs Dodson and Mrs Lindop




For the first time in Year 4, our topic during the Spring Term was 'Rainforests' and we learnt about this very interesting theme through English, Music, Art and Sculpture.  It has been lots of fun...

Rainforest Music

We have been working with Mr Clayton from Wetherby High School to make rainforest music!  We used percussion instruments to make rhythms and sounds of the jungle and we made rainmakers and used these and sounds we could make with our bodies, to make a whole class tropical storm!

Rainforest Project Homework!

Our class loves being given project-based homework and for this particular piece, we could design a rainforest themed game.  We had so many good ideas and spent time playing each others' games in class; it was so much fun!

Rainforest Art: Sculpture

We really enjoyed working with Sam from Artforms for a whole day to design and create these amazing clay animals.  We added so much detail to our work and each made two rainforest creatures.

Rainforest Art: Painting

Painting rainforest scenes in the style of artist Henri Rousseau.

Enterprise Day: Operation Moonbase

Working in our house teams to design new worlds in outer space for our whole school Enterprise Day.

Gymnastics Coaching

Gymnastics Coaching in the Autumn Term!

Beowulf Story Plates

We have been learning about Beowulf as part of our English work focused on the Anglo-Saxons.  We designed these story plates that re-tell this famous poem.

Murton Park- Viking Day

We have been on a trip to Murton Park to find out about everyday Viking life. Everyone had a fantastic time - despite the weather!