Year 1 - Miss Carruthers





Mental Maths

Well done to Sophia and Oscar who achieved their final Maths target today! Keep up the good work.

Darcy is leaving!

Today Year 1 had a farewell party to say goodbye to Darcy who is sadly leaving us at the end of the year. Darcy bought in home made buns for the class and we had a little picnic, next we enjoyed some dancing and finally finished with some party games! We will miss you Darcy!


Year 1 have been very keen to meet Alfie the ragdoll cat so as a end of term treat he came to visit! Everyone enjoyed having cuddles with him and couldn't believe how big and floppy he was!


Today we said goodbye to the butterflies we have been taking care of. We have enjoyed watching them grow this term. Mrs Clynes kindly helped us release them into the wild, it was lovely to see them fly away! Can you spot the butterfly as it leaves the net?

Our Local Area

To finish our Geography topic this term, Year 1 spent the morning outside sketching the school and its grounds.We learnt all about portrait and landscape and how to draw objects that are closer to us and further away.

Sensational Salads

After spending this term learning all about where our food comes from and different types of fruit and vegetables, sampling a variety of pasta salads last week and learning all about what counts as a portion of fruit and vegetable, Year 1 got to make their salad own salad today! We learnt all about health and safety when making food and how to use a knife to chop different vegetables. We found the root vegetables were quite tricky to chop! It was lots of fun making the salad, we liked sampling the different sauces and we all agreed it was delicious! After we had eaten, we evaluated the salad and thought about what went well and what we would do differently next time!

Year 1 recorded their own pirate song with Miss Crowley, they used different instruments and sounds to create different effects!


Year 1 took part in hooping, check out our video to see what we got up to! 

Maths Targets

Well done to William, Addison and Summer for achieving their math targets! 

Nature Detectives

We are having a sunflower growing competition! We are also looking after caterpillars, we can't wait until they grow into butterflies!

Harlow Carr

Today,Year 1 went on their final school trip to Harlow Carr. We were animal detectives for the morning and enjoyed pond dipping and catching mini beasts! We learnt all about insects and their habitat including which ones were herbivores, carnivores or omnivores! We also enjoyed a short afternoon of playing in the tree house and adventure playground, we had lots of fun despite the rain!

Beatrix Potter

In Art this term we have been learning about different artists. This week we have been focusing on Beatrix Potter who used observational drawing to create her characters. Year 1 picked their favorite Beatrix Potter character and drew it on special paper. We then learnt how to use water colour paints just like Beatrix Potter! It was lots of fun!


In English this week we are writing our own mini beast adventure stories. Today, Year 1 got magically shrunk into tiny versions of themselves! We went to explore the setting for our story (the school playground) and found out what the world would be like to be so tiny!

Wetherby Walk

This term in Geography Year 1 are learning about the local area. This morning we went on a walk around Wetherby, we learnt all about our surrounding environment and found out some really interesting facts! 

Mental Maths

Well done to Jayme and Ellisia who achieved their Maths Targets this week! Keep up the good work.

Beatrix Potter

Year 1 have been learning all about Beatrix Potter. We learnt about observational drawing and painting with watercolour. The children thoroughly enjoyed sketching her characters and having a go at using watercolour themselves!

Nature Detectives

This terms Topic is Nature Detectives and on Monday Year 1 got a surprise visit from some mini beasts! We got to meet a giant cockroach, a Madagascan Snail, a Colombian snake, a lizard , a scorpion and tarantula. The children were very brave and some even conquered their fears! We learnt lots about mini beasts and had lots of fun! I hope you enjoy the video as much as we did!

Maths Targets

Congratulations to Ethan, Sebastian, Edward and Darcy who have achieved their Math Targets this week! Keep up the hard work.

Clay Dinosaur Part 2

After our dinosaurs had dried, we painted them. Then we covered them in PVA glue to give them a shiny finish! Do you like them?

Pirate day!

Today (15.5.17) Year 1 dressed up as pirates and took part in a pirate workshop. We learnt all about famous pirates, maps and got to get up close and personal to pirate weapons and tools!

Maths Targets

Well done to Evan and Aidan who achieved their Math targets this week! Keep up the good work.

Clay Dinosaurs

Part 1

This week Year 1 have been learning about sculpture. We used different techniques and a variety of tools to sculpt clay dinosaurs. It was messy but fun, we can't wait to see what they look like when they are dried!

Fantasy worlds

This terms topic is Fantasy worlds. Year 1 are learning all about pirates and dinosaurs. Take a look at the photos to see what we have been up to!

Maths Targets

Well done to Jed, Ralph, Poppy, Daisy, Max, Abigail, Grace and Max who have been working very hard and achieved all their Mental Math targets! Keep up the good work!

Earth Day

Today (18.4.17), Year 1 have learnt all about Earth Day and the little things we can do at school and home to help our planet and environment! We used an iPad to film our ideas.


Year 1 have been learning all about the Easter story this week and today (31.3.17) we found out why it is such an important time for Christians and how people celebrate. We also got to try a delicious hot cross bun!


In Music Year 1 have been working very hard. Last week they performed to the whole school! We hope you enjoy watching the video just as much as we enjoyed doing it!

Playgrounds - Part 2

Year 1 and their finished playgrounds. Do you like them? We enjoyed making them! Mrs Clynes was very impressed and gave each team a head teachers award.

Playgrounds - Part 1

Over the past two weeks, Year 1 have been planning, designing and making model playgrounds. Miss Carruthers and Mrs O'Connor were very impressed at how well each group worked as a team to create their finished product. 

Victorian Toys

Today (16.3.17) Year 1 learnt about all the different games Victorian children used to play and also wrote instructions about how to use them in English. We had lots of fun trying them out and soon found out some games were very tricky to master!



Bear Hunt!

Today (13.03.17) Year 1 went on a bear hunt! We worked in pairs to find the bears who had clues to the puzzle. Well done to Poppy and Bank, who successfully found the answer first! We will be writing all about our morning in English tomorrow.


Ilkley Toy Museum

Year 1 went on a school trip to Ilkley Toy Museum. We had lots of fun and learnt all about toys from the past. We even got to put our Math skills to use when we visited the Museum shop! After lunch we visited Ilkley park to research playgrounds for DT, there were lots of different areas and it gave us lots of inspiration! 


Peg Dolls

Our topic this term is Toys and we have been learning about how they have changed over time. In DT we planned, made and evaluated peg dolls. Do you like them?

World Book Day

Today we celebrated World Book Day by dressing up as our favourite fictional character.

Year 1 looked fantastic in their outfits and  Summer and Poppy were picked for having the 'best outfit' in assembly.

We had a book scavenger hunt, well done to Aimery for being the winning team!

Pancake day!

Today we learnt all about Shrove Tuesday and why Christians celebrate this special day. We enjoyed eating the pancakes and found out  our favourite toppings! We will be writing a recount of the day in Literacy tomorrow.

Once Upon a Time day...

As a 'fantastic finish' to our Once Upon a Time topic, Year 1 dressed up as their favourite fairy tale character on the last day of term, can you guess who we are? The day was filled with lots of fun activities; a quiz to test their fairy tale knowledge, decorating Little Red Riding Hood's muffins, magic bean maths, designing their own crowns and lots more! 

Chinese New Year

Year 1 and 2 have had a lovely couple of days learning about Chinese New Year.  Today, they got to sample some Chinese food - noodles, spring rolls and prawn crackers!  All of the children tried the food and some were extremely good with their chop sticks (unlike us!!)