Crossley Street Primary School

'Inspiring today to achieve tomorrow.'

Headteacher- Mr Gavin Hirst


Nursery - Mrs Laverty, Mrs Taylor and Mrs Nolan





Welcome to Nursery!

A very, very warm welcome to Nursery! I hope you enjoy reading our class page, where topic information will be updated ready for the start of each half-term and latest news will be updated weekly every this space. There will be lots of photographs uploaded after all the exciting activities and events we get up to!


The Nursery staff team consists of Mrs Laverty, Mrs Taylor and Mrs Nolan. Mrs Nolan will work with Mrs Laverty on Monday afternoons and with Mrs Taylor on Friday all day when Mrs Laverty is out of class. 


Here's to a super year of getting to know each other and learning together!


Musical Instruments

We learn so much about speaking and listening through playing musical instruments. We brought in and demonstrated some of our own musical instruments for show and tell, which prompted some of us to make up our own bands as we followed 'The Pied Piper' and tried to copy each other's rhythms. We now have a musical area outside thanks to the pots and pans that have been donated to Nursery.

Remembrance Day

We learnt about why we wear poppies for Remembrance Day and worked with Year 4 to create these beautiful handprint poppies, which were displayed on the window of Hartley's funeral directors.


Bonfire Night

We mixed colours to make the fiery bonfire shades we needed for our paintings and made firework "splatter" pictures using a special plastic tool. We learnt about how firefighters are superheroes and did lots of firefighter role play outside, developing our speaking and listening skills.


We looked at capacity in maths so decided which containers were full, empty, half full/empty. We made witches' potions and put all kinds of weird and wonderful ingredients into our cauldrons, including herbs and spices which gave off different smells. We then estimated and found out how many cups full of potion the containers held.

Healthy Sandwiches

To be a superhero you need to eat healthily so that your body gets lots of energy and fights off any colds and other bugs. We made healthy salad sandwiches, thinking carefully about which salad items we wanted in our sandwich and the shape we wanted our sandwiches to be. We put a little superhero flag with our name on when we had finished, so we knew whose was whose when we started eating them! 


We read the book 'Supertato' and we were all captivated by the story of the potato who showed so much courage in finding the 'Evil Pea'! In our Tuff Spot, we hid evil peas in the jelly, just like in the story, and the children had to develop their fine motor skills by using the tweezers to get the peas! We made our own Supertato in the workshop area and we made posters in the office area to free the Evil Pea! There were even peas in the sand and water...they were everywhere!

The Little Red Hen

We read the traditional fairy tale 'The Little Red Hen' and did lots of role play of the story. We 'cut the wheat' outside to practise our scissor skills, keeping our thumb on the top, and used number lines to measure how long our pieces were. Mrs Taylor then 'milled the wheat' into flour, ready to make it into a dough to bake some bread rolls. Unlike the animals in the story, we were very helpful so we could all eat some of the bread!

Day and Night 

As part of our seasonal change work, we looked at how in Autumn and Winter the daytime is shorter and it gets darker earlier. We linked the daytime to light and the nighttime to dark, and talked about what we do and what we wear at these times. We sequenced our day and read the story 'Peace at Last', putting the pictures in order afterwards when we had listened to the environmental sounds from Mr Large's noisy night! We drew and painted pictures, thinking carefully about the colours of the day and night.

Autumn Days

We have been learning about seasonal change. We went for an Autumn walk, observing what happens to the trees and collecting leaves from the ground, and we learnt about sycamore seeds, conkers and pine cones. We then did some Autumnal craft using real branches and learnt how to paint the orange of the leaves by mixing red and yellow, and brown by mixing red, yellow and blue.

Learning about 2D Shape

We have been naming the 2D shapes circle, triangle, square and rectangle and learnt all about their properties so we can identify them. We have been spotting them in our outdoor environment, sorting them into their shape groups, making pictures with them and creating repeating patterns with them.

Visiting the School Library

We enjoy coming over to main school and having a look at the books in our school library. There are even some comfy cushions and beanbags to rest on while we read! We always make sure we are quiet and treat the books with respect. Sometimes we have our storytime in the library.

Singing with Miss Crowley

Each Wednesday we have a singing session in the hall with Miss Crowley, our peripatetic music teacher. Singing along to the piano not only supports our creative development, but it also helps us develop our communication and language skills.


Fun with Numbers

We have been learning how to use our counting fingers up to 10 and how numbers can be shown in a variety of ways - as their numerals on a number track, as spots on a dice, through Numicon and even by using finger puppets. We give a "5 wave" when the fingers on one hand have woken up, and a "ten wave" when they all our fingers have woken up!

Phonics in the Environment

We developed our listening skills by talking about all the good things a listener does, such as using their big listening ears, making sure they are quiet and still and making sure they are looking carefully at the person who is talking. We then took our listening ears on a listening walk to develop our awareness of sounds in the environment! We then gave each child a beater and encouraged them to make different sounds by tapping or stroking objects in the outdoor area. They had to watch carefully and make a loud sound when Mrs Laverty was stretching up high and quiet sounds when she was down low! We then made our own shakers and explored the different sounds they made when they were filled with different materials.


Our first topic of the year was 'We Are Superhero Learners'. We learnt about a set of superheroes who inspire us to show the characteristics of effective learning, e.g. courage, perseverance and joy. One of the children suggested we make a superhero rocket, so all the children chose a box to paint as their favourite superhero, and we stuck them all together to create a rocket!