Nursery - Mrs Miller and Mrs Taylor



Making new friends and learning together.



People Who Help Us

To begin this topic we talked about all the people who help us at home.  The children were given some homework to fill in with their parents.  They had to draw pictures of who and how people helped them.

Next we looked at people who help them in school.  Mrs Taylor took small groups around school to see Mrs Clynes the Headteacher, Mrs Hawkins who works in the office and Mr Mosley the superintendent.  Each member of staff told the children about their role in school. The children behaved very well and listened carefully. 

We then looked at some of the people who help us in the community.  Our local PC came in with her police car.  She talked about all the things she does, how to keep safe and the importance of knowing their full name and address in case they need help.  The fire department also came in.  They talked about how they help people.  The children had the opportunity of trying on some of the equipment which they thoroughly enjoyed.

Finally, Molly the guide dog came in with her trainer for a whole school assembly.  Molly's trainer talked about the training of a guide dog and how they help people.

Chinese New Year

All the children enjoyed taking part in the activities linked with Chinese New Year. Dragon dancing, colouring in pictures, making dragon masks and watching a short video about how the years were named after animals.  The children also tasted prawn crackers and tried to master using chopsticks to eat rice!  As you can see they all managed to eat some rice one way or another.

Here are some of the Nursery children enjoying various activities.

The children in Nursery had a wonderful Christmas Activity Day.